Dear Esteemed Colleagues and Friends,
It is with great pleasure and honour that I welcome you all to the First Conference of the Saudi Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (1st SSNMMI 2023), to be held on 5-6 November 2023 at the VOCO Hotel in Riyadh.
Our mission for this inaugural event is to create a platform that stimulates, educates, and inspires, bringing together professionals from various fields, including nuclear medicine physicians, radiologists, oncologists, cardiologists, haematologists, urologists, endocrinologists, medical physicists, radiology technologists, nurses, as well as nuclear medicine fellows and radiology residents. This event promises to be a melting pot of knowledge and expertise, providing us with the opportunity to collaborate, share experiences, and learn from each other.
This conference is designed around several key themes, which reflect the latest advancements in our field. The focus will be on areas like imaging of tumours, nuclear medicine (NM) hybrid functional imaging, theragnostic radiopharmaceuticals, cardiac imaging novelty (including Amyloidosis), new technologies in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging, and the integration of AI and machine learning in molecular medicine and imaging.
Whether you specialize in general nuclear medicine clinical practices, NM cardiovascular imaging, NM oncology imaging: basic, clinical diagnosis and therapy, physics, artificial intelligence, data sciences, or technologist applied updates, the 1st SSNMMI 2023 aims to cater to your professional interests and needs.
Our overarching objective for this conference is to offer a platform that encourages innovative thinking, fosters robust dialogues, and spurs collaborations among professionals dedicated to improving and advancing the fields of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging. Together, we will strive to enhance our understanding, skills, and knowledge in this rapidly progressing field to ultimately deliver improved patient care.
We look forward to your active participation in shaping the success of this conference. Your presence will undoubtedly enrich our discussions and contribute to expanding our collective knowledge in these ever-evolving fields. We hope this conference will provide you with valuable insights, networking opportunities, and memorable experiences.
Welcome once again to 1st SSNMMI 2023. We anticipate a fruitful exchange of ideas, wisdom, and a celebration of collective progress in our exciting and vital field. Let us together shape the future of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging.

Warm Regards,

Dr. Abdullah Alqarni

SSNMMI President and Conference Chairperson,
1st SSNMMI 2023